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 Protect What Matters

Who We Are

VerdeGen was created by a group of diverse industry professionals to aid in the global fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

Our team of passionate entrepreneurs consists of industry veterans from engineering, executive, public-health and crisis-management experience and, together, bring a unique perspective to the global mosquito-prevention effort.

Our mission is to protect humans from mosquitoes by making solutions available to everyone, everywhere, at all times, in accessible formats. VerdeGen is developing the tools necessary to combat mosquitos on the ground around the world.

What We Do

Mosquito-prevention products on the market today are insufficient, wildly inefficient and don’t fit a public-distribution model necessary for large-scale crisis management. Today, there are no easy-to-deploy options for organizations and governments to provide protection effectively and at a low cost for large populations and regions.

VerdeGen has developed a unique method for protecting against a wide range of mosquitoes, ticks & other bugs on both a small and large scale. Our solutions can help both individuals and authorities to manage the impact of mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases.

Checkout the difference VerdeGen makes: here’s a standard cage-test after four hours without (left image) and with (right image) VerdeGen.

How We’re Different

More Efficient

● VerdeGen products have little-to-no waste associated with their use

● Higher per-ounce margin when measured against square inches covered of other solutions

Better Coverage

● VerdeGen protects citizens better and more consistently than other solutions

● Sprays leave spots of skin that are only lightly covered and other areas that are oversaturated


● Lotions absorb into the skin, leading to topical reactions

● VerdeGen is a better solution for young children and those with allergies or sensitivities

Easily Available

● VerdeGen can provide public access to mosquito repellent virtually anywhere

● Ease of access helps keep large groups of people safe, including those underserved in their communities

Who We Help

VerdeGen is committed to helping all individuals and organizations in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases. Our solutions have application across a wide range of people and groups. Below are a few of those who we help the most:


Government Agencies

We help municipalities, counties, and states who provide basic public services and manage parks & public spaces. If your local or regional government could use some help, let us know!


Hotels, Entertainment Parks, Cruise-lines

Nothing is worse than traveling or going on vacation, only to come back bitten, or worse, sick. Both large commercial chains and regional establishments can provide VerdeGen products to their customers to help keep them safe and healthy.


Large Work Crews & Employers

Today, many employers struggle to keep their work crews supplied with mosquito repellent, and many forgo the option completely. If you or your company work in the field VerdeGen can help protect you at a price much more affordable than traditional solutions.


Citizens (Just Like You!)

If you like to spend time outside, or are in high-risk areas for mosquitos, we can help make your life easier and more enjoyable. Our products will be available in traditional outlets for individual use by early 2017. Look for them in your local retailer soon or contact us below!

Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you!